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Revamp Your Folsom Lake Outdoor Space for Memorable Summers

Bryan Powell

Bryan is the Founder and Broker of Powell Real Estate. Bryan launched the brokerage in 2019 in order to fill a need in the luxury real estate market...

Bryan is the Founder and Broker of Powell Real Estate. Bryan launched the brokerage in 2019 in order to fill a need in the luxury real estate market...

Jun 24 1 minutes read

With the scenic Folsom Lake area as our backdrop, there's no better way to enjoy the beauty and warmth of summer than by enhancing your outdoor space. The combination of our region's natural landscape with a well-thought-out entertainment area can make your home the ideal spot for summer activities. From family barbecues to tranquil evenings by the lake, the right outdoor setup not only enriches your summer days but can also contribute to the overall value of your home.

Create a Cozy Outdoor Lounge

Inspired by the serene surroundings of the Folsom Lake area, setting up a cozy outdoor lounge can seamlessly extend your living area into the great outdoors. Start with selecting furniture that withstands our varied climate - weather-resistant sofas and cushioned chairs are perfect. Complement these with throw pillows for a splash of color and comfort. A fire pit can double as a central gathering point for those starry nights, while string lights add a charming, ambient glow, mirroring the sparkling waters of Folsom Lake.

Design a Dining Area Al Fresco

Dining al fresco takes a new meaning in the Folsom Lake region, with its breathtaking sunsets and lush landscapes. Choose a dining set that complements the natural beauty of your surroundings and accommodates your guests comfortably. Pergolas or shade sails not only provide respite from the summer sun but can be adorned with twinkling lights or climbing plants, creating a magical dining experience.

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Avid entertainers can take their hosting skills up a notch with an outdoor kitchen and bar. Starting with essentials like a high-quality grill and a prep area, the inclusion of a mini-fridge or even a pizza oven can transform your cookouts. Position your bar area to enjoy views of the lake, incorporating a fun touch with a stylish cooler or a drink dispenser. This setup becomes a sociable hub where guests can mingle, enhancing the congenial atmosphere of the Folsom Lake community.

Install a Backyard Theater

Utilize the warm, clear nights in our area by setting up a backyard theater. A simple projector and screen setup, complemented by comfortable seating options like loungers or bean bags, can turn your backyard into the ultimate movie venue. Add some fairy lights for a whimsical touch, and a popcorn machine to complete the ambiance, making your movie nights by the lake a hit for both children and adults.

Add Water Features for Relaxation

Embrace the tranquil vibe of the Folsom Lake area by incorporating water features into your outdoor space. Whether it’s a small fountain echoing the gentle waves of the lake or a hot tub for chilly evenings, these elements invite relaxation. Surround these features with native plants for a low-maintenance and eco-friendly touch that complements the natural beauty of our locale.

Garden Games and Activities

Transform your home into the ultimate summer destination with garden games and activities. Classic lawn games like bocce ball or cornhole resonate with the playful spirit of the Folsom Lake community. Install a bocce court or a mini putting green for endless fun, or, if you have children, consider a dedicated play area with a sandbox or swing set, ensuring they have their summer haven.

Final Touches

Attention to detail can elevate your outdoor space from great to extraordinary. Incorporate planters with native flowers to attract local wildlife and add fragrance. Outdoor textiles in vibrant hues can unify your space, while quality outdoor speakers play the soundtrack of your summer. Solar-powered lighting not only highlights your space’s best features but is also a nod to the environmental consciousness of our community.

By weaving these elements into your home’s outdoor area, you build not just a space for summer entertainment but a personal retreat that reflects the natural charm and vibrancy of the Folsom Lake area. Here’s to creating a space where memories are made, right in the heart of our community.

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